HRP Kensington Palace - Victoria: A Royal Childhood

24 May 2019

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victorias birth, Historic Royal Palaces presents a major new exhibition at Kensington Palace, exploring the monarchs formative years in the setting that was once her childhood home. Victoria: A Royal Childhood is an exhibition like no other, inviting visitors to step into Victorias childhood world through a suite of sumptuous period rooms, thoughtfully reimagined and brought to life with playful interventions and interactive displays.

Paragon Creative was delighted to deliver the specialist exhibition fit-out, interactives and models for Victoria: A Royal Childhood at Kensington Palace. We worked closely with curators from Historic Royal Palaces and interpretation designer Verity Quinn to develop a set of high-quality hardwood exhibits, inspired by Regency furniture and packed with opportunities for interaction and insight. These displays compliment beautifully dressed exhibition rooms that chart Victorias journey from cradle to crown, exploring the experiences, friendships and struggles which formed the iconic monarch we remember today.

Victoria: A Royal Childhood called on all trades in our scenic arts department, including sculptors, modelmakers, scenic carpenters, painters and upholsterers, as well as technicians from our interactives, creative tech and electronics teams. We provided creative guidance and support throughout the project, helping deliver the exhibition over an accelerated four and half-month period ready for its opening to coincide with Victorias birthday on 24 May.


Image © Historic Royal Palaces